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When's the wedding?

The minute that lovely ring is on your finger people begin to ask "when are you getting married?!" I find myself desperately trying to avoid asking couples since I remember wanting to bask in the happiness of engagement as long as possible before having to make any decisions! It is (usually) an innocent question, and the natural progression of things (obviously). But some brides are different then me and want to get planning right away. So they are happy to give you all the details.

The first thing I did was start looking at dresses - the best part. I figured the details would work themselves out, I just needed a killer dress. But in reality my fiance and I had to decide on a date sooner or later.

So - what did you go through to decide, what was your process? What factors played a part in your decision? Was it venue, photographer availability? Or a fancy play on numbers?

Here is a link to some things to think about if you still need a little help!

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