Happy New Year - Motivation and Inspiration

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 3 Leaf Floral - Colorado                                                                                              Lucy Vincent Beach, MVY

3 Leaf Floral - Colorado                                                                                              Lucy Vincent Beach, MVY

"What is now proved was once only imagined."

- William Blake


I have this quote tattooed on my shoulder. 

It’s written in small font much to the distress of my tattoo artist. It was a gentle battle. Both respecting each other as artists, but disagreeing on size and affect of meaning/longevity. In the end I am extremely satisfied and happy, and I’m pretty sure she was just happy I remembered to bring cash. 

But I digress. 

I got this tattoo partly because I love tasteful tattoos, and partly because I love what it says and means to me. I get a lot of questions about it because of where it is placed ( and the small font.) “What does it say?” is always followed with that look of processing followed by the occasional, “huh…say it one more time.” 


Something I didn’t realize would happen is whenever I say the quote I am immediately drawn into my thoughts of what it actually means to me. I ponder why I chose this quote, the battle at the tattoo shop, and then onto the meaning it has on my life. 


As this is January 2016, it's the time for resolution or intention making, signing up for gyms or finally starting to minimalize your life/sock drawer. I find myself hoping and praying for success in my business, personal growth, and the strength to be a gentle mama to this miracle growing inside me. 







My business opportunities, becoming a mother, the recent gathering of amazing women in my life, all things “once only imagined.” I have lots of hopeful "what is now proved" dreams for this coming year and waffle between anxiety and being still in this waiting period. Trying to use this quiet time for growth, reflection... and planning my next tattoo. 

Happy New Year friends and cheers to your somethings imagined.